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Protecting and Preserving the Legacy of the Deceased. The TRUTH is everything.

     We Care About the Legacy's of these People

We have free speech for everyone who has nothing to say, but if you have an opinion, then speak at your own peril.                                                                ~Air Force Colonel, Morris Davis~

Words are powerful, and leave their effects long after they have been uttered. It is reprehensible to continue to damaga person's REPUTATION by promoting rumor, innuendo, gossip and sensationalism as fact; after a person is deceased and can no longer speak or protect themselves.


We are the VOICES behind Cadeflaw.


We will no longer passively accept the disrespectful and cruel assassination of those deceased. Freedom of Speech  is a right that we all enjoy, but with it comes responsibility and accountability. We each have a duty to be honest, fair and balanced in what we say or write and should be prepared to present proof. Out of the mouths of two or three witnesses  LET every word be established; and let those witnesses be credible.

Join us as we lobby for a bill that will "Protect and Preserve" the Legacy of the Deceased. Let's "Make That Change".  Thank You.

         Vindication and Advocacy

Vindication and Advocacy for deceased persons whose Legacy's are allowed to be tarnished because there is no law to protect the deceased from defamation.


Offenders, those who defame, should be required to give account for their personal thoughts, views, or attitudes; especially those based mainly upon emotion instead of reason or knowledge.


We should be able to protect the legacy of the dead, whose legacy demands protecting. Please don't allow groups to slander the deceased to benefit themselves.


Defamation offends the deceased's relatives; it exposes the family to public hatred, contempt, ridicule; it blackens the memory of their loved ones; and it provokes a breach of peace between people. Originally this initiative was about Michael Jackson but we believe it’s morally wrong to defame the character of any  deceased person. They can’t defend themselves—and Cadeflaw’s mission is to help those left behind who suffer emotionally and financially, to protect and preserve the legacy of their loved ones. We believe a posthumous law will provide them with that. 


Be COUNTED among those who helped to protect the legacy of those deceased.  Those left behind can still be hurt. Support #CADefLaw. Help us convince the California Legislators to author this bill by making corrections to the wrongs that have been done.


TOGETHER, we can make a difference. Help US make that CHANGE.

      Freedom of Speech or Bullying

AGAIN: Words are powerful and leave their effect long after they have been uttered. It is reprehensible to carelessly damage a person’s reputation and legacy by promoting rumor, innuendo, gossip and sensationalism after they have passed on. We are seeking to make it unlawful to defame a person who is deceased. The First Amendment is not a free pass to exploit people for entertainment and profit. Slander and libel are not protected expressions under the First Amendment while a person is living, and that same protection should extend to people after they are deceased.

Freedom of speech is our right, and to lose any part of that freedom would be a travesty.
However, with freedom comes responsibility. The California Constitution actually addresses the issue of responsibility, as follows:


SEC. 2. (a) Every person may freely speak, write and publish his or her sentiments on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of this right. A law may not restrain or abridge liberty of speech or press.”

Our focus is the ABUSE of this right.
We must be free to express our thoughts; however, we are not entitled to express them as fact, gossip, innuendo, lies, and conjecture. The families and friends of the deceased should not have to endure defamatory stories presented as facts about their departed loved ones. Opinions expressed that infringe upon a person’s civil right (that which is good or proper and conforms to fact or truth) should be considered as abusive, harmful, offensive and infringing upon their quality of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, which are their inalienable rights. This is a form of BULLYING. Therefore, offenders should be held liable and required to give account for their expressed thoughts, views, or attitudes; especially those based mainly upon emotion instead of reason or knowledge.

It is time to address the general lack of integrity, responsibility, and accountability on the part of our news media. The line between responsible journalism and tabloid journalism has become so blurred that a new term, “medialoid” has been coined. Too often truth and unbiased objectivity are missing in the presentation of information. The coverage of Michael Jackson’s sudden death in 2009 is a perfect example of a deceased person being exploited for entertainment and profit. The media’s treatment of Mr. Jackson while he lived was an aggressive and egregious misuse of the power of words; it is even more disturbing that he continues to be denigrated after his passing. Although a high profile celebrity is named here as an example of the damage that can be committed by a media out of control, the potential damage of words used irresponsibly extends equally to everyone, regardless of fame, wealth, or social standing.

If you believe it should be unlawful for people, including the media, to defame those who have passed on, please sign this petition. We are seeking to change the current law in California; a cause of action so that a cause of defamation could be asserted on behalf of the dead.

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